3 Weekend Time Management Tips from OfficeTime

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Change it up!  If you work in an office, telecommute and work from home once a week in order to get more done each day AND save all the time you would have spent commuting.  If you work from home, do the opposite (we all know the endless distractions that can hit us in our home) – ask a friend who works nearby if they have a cubicle you can use once a week for your most focused activities. 

Change it up even MORE and take off on Friday and work on Sunday instead. Almost no one will expect you to be “available” on a Sunday.  This tip is a real winner; be ready to check the DONE column on a few pending projects!

Give yourself LESS time to do your tasks, not more.  Most people thrive on deadlines. If you allow fewer hours to do a project, you’ll be more strategic about how you complete it, saving hours and hours in procrastination.

And as always, remember that time tracking with an actual time tracker means effectively owning your time.  It means knowing what you spend your time on (and what you don’t).  Get a free 21-day trial of our easy to use time tracking software at http://OfficeTime.net

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Posted on: July 1, 2011 by Stephen