Good news! OfficeTime 1.2 for iOS is Here

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We’d love to say it’s jam full of features but the truth is refinements are often more important than features.  Time tracking is often done in such a hurry that many of the things we’ve been working on are nice little touches designed simply to allow you to think less and do more.  We’re still working on more but thought you’d want this in your hands right away.
Here’s a few of the changes in 1.2 available now for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • Expense decimal key now works correctly on all iPhones running iOS 5.
  • The Edit Session screen has a nice total money bar again
  • You can now see your chosen hourly rate on the Session screen.
  • The lite version now displays your current timer at the bottom of the home screen instead of the upgrade ad
  • When you email us, the subject line automatically contains more useful info now.
Got a thought, refinement or request about OfficeTime?  Drop us a line or comment below.
Posted on: November 8, 2011 by Stephen