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  • Automatically detect how long you've been idle and subtract it or assign it to a different project.
  • Rounding, Your Way. The most flexible rounding in the business.
  • iCal Integration. See a visual history or your days in your favourite iCal calendar. Enter appointments and time in iCal and have them automatically apply to the right project in OfficeTime.
  • Multitasker? Time multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Easy Invoicing. Template driven invoicing gives you the power to customize your invoices.
  • Team Reporting. Combine multiple employee data files and see powerful team wide reports by project and category.
  • Need room? Tiny window option fits snugly in the corner of your screen.
  • Instant Reporting. Get instant reports on your time today, yesterday, last week and by any range imaginable
  • See how much your time is worth. Auto billable hours summary supports multiple hourly rates and allows easy overrides for exceptions. You can even change your mind and have it apply retroactively or just from this point forward.
  • Power Reporting. View powerful cross-project reports to get a birds eye view of your time across critical projects.
  • Categorize your time with a single click and get powerful category-based reporting and graphs.
  • Don't delete old projects. Archive them with the built-in archive manager. Restore them later with a single click.
  • Visually group and organize your list of projects and categories in a way that makes sense to you.
  • Hot Projects. Easily access your common projects from a global Quick Start menu.
  • International. Supports 12 and 24 hour clocks and almost every currency imaginable.
  • Save typing. Grab clients from your Apple Address Book.
  • Report your time. Any report you can imagine can be exported to a spreadsheet or word processor, or simply copied to an email.
  • Track expenses easily.
  • Keep notes on each activity plus notes on the project as a whole.
  • See exactly what % of time you spent doing this compared to that or even the other thing.
  • Live Editing. If you can see it, you can edit it. Edit any information right in place.
  • Live Updating. Make a change and see it instantly reflected across every report, graph and window. Never view an out-of-date report again.
  • Power user? OfficeTime has keyboard shortcuts for almost everything.
  • Start or pause projects from any application by using the handy global menu in your menu bar.
  • Dock Icon always shows your current time at a glance.
  • Instant Starting. One click switch and start. Excellent for compulsive multitaskers.
  • Flexible pie charts show you visually what you've been doing. Heck, you can even choose your pie color scheme.
  • Drag, drop, copy, paste. Easily organize your sessions between projects and applications.
  • Stay current. Built-in version checking ensures you have the latest features and updates.
  • Auto-fill your favorite category customized per project. One less thing to remember.
  • Auto save. Auto open. Auto backup. No muss. No fuss.
  • No manual required. OfficeTime is simple enough you should never need a manual. But just in case, try the quick start tutorial and power tips presented every day.
  • Instant resume. No need to remember to pause. Just stop and resume.
  • Built-in calendar saves typing of dates.
  • And many more...

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Know Where
Your Time Goes.

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Powerful, Elegant Reporting.
By the Minute, Day, or Month.
By Project. By Category.
OfficeTime Delivers All the Flexibility to Get Your Reports, Your Way.


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You shouldn't have to think about how to track your time. You should just do it. One button start & stop. No hassle.


Behind OfficeTime's elegant and deceptively simple interface lies the power to keep track of exactly what you do each day. Rich, visual reporting at the touch of a button. Easily pause, resume and track multiple projects simultaneously. Track the kinds of work you do and for whom. Keep expenses and detailed notes. The most advanced rounding in the business. And, of course, all the shortcuts and little refinements that make a program a joy to use.


This is OfficeTime: Simply the Best Way to Track Your Time.



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Don't guess with what you want reported. OfficeTime features one click Quick Reporting to instantly see where your time has gone. Then choose more refinement and watch as the report and graphs changes in real time. Fluid reports that change as you watch are a more natural and dynamic way to interact with your data.


Reporting is easy and flexible. Generate reports such as:

  • Show me all hours for Project A, last week
  • Show me non-billable hours last month
  • Show me time I have not reported or billed for yet
  • Show me the total Office Administration and Office Meeting time in the past 10 days
  • Show me where my time has been going this year by category
  • Show me my total time except for personal stuff.
  • Show me my total billings last week for Project A and Project B except for these two timing sessions here
  • Show me what percent of time I spent on marketing versus client contact this quarter.
  • Show me what I did yesterday



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So you need to round your time to the nearest 15 minutes? No problem? But what if your time is 6 minutes and you won't want to round down to zero? No problem. What if you resume a time that has been rounded? No problem. Set it up once and forget about it. If you can imagine a rounding problem, we have its solution.



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A report of your time is one thing. A visual display of what you've been working on (and where you haven't been working at all) is empowering. See all of your days laid out inside iCal automatically with one-click iCal integration.


And even easier, make an appointment or block of time in iCal and it will be automatically integrated into the appropriate project in OfficeTime. What could be simpler?


Once in iCal, it will update to your calendar on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Thanks to two-way synchronization, changes made will be updated back into your copy of OfficeTime.


Or you can use our iPhone/iPad app.



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Any report you can dream up can be exported to a spreadsheet, word processor or simply copy and paste or drag and drop anything you can see into an e-mail.


The project supervisor can combine multiple employee files to produce powerful cross-person, team based reporting. Each employee's data file can optionally be stored and accessed on a shared server drive. Now you can see at a glance the time and detail spent on each project under your supervision.


Even better, with iCal integration your time can be shared over the internet. Simply publish your iCal calendar to be viewed online. Now people can see your time online or in their version of iCal. Plus your supervisor can hook her OfficeTime into your shared calendar. That's right. See the whole team's time, updated regularly, in one copy of OfficeTime.


Team members can also track time on their iPhone or iPad, sync to their desktop computer and then have that information shared with team leader.



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Your business is unique and your invoices should be too. Template-driven invoice generation makes customizing your invoices to look the way you want them a breeze. OfficeTime offers powerful invoicing for billable hours last month, last week, or any time you haven't already billed for.


Once you've made your invoice, OfficeTime handily ticks off the time you've billed for and keeps a note of your invoice so you can see exactly what has and has not been billed for next billing cycle.


You can even invoice for multiple projects and multiple employee's time together on once invoice. And don't just present an invoice, include an optional breakdown of all the time spent, with the click of a button.



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OfficeTime works because it's built by people like you for people like you. We're continuously updating it, based on the feedback of people successfully tracking their time in this busy world. Need a feature? . We're listening.




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