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OfficeTime was built based on comments from real-world users. People who don't want to have to read a thick manual to use a program. People who want elegance but still crave power. People who want a program to simply work.

Still not convinced? How about these comments sent in by OfficeTime users...

“I've just spent a numbing two days evaluating various project timer software programs...I love easy. OfficeTime is easy. The people who created competitive programs? They're probably nice people, but they really don't have a clue. The more I use your program, the more I think it's just fabulous.Laura Belgrave

Absolutely BRILLIANT piece of software! I've tried many a great deal of time-loggers in my time...But this little gem - it's brilliantly simple! And it even covers everything I need!” Kim Hansen

“OfficeTime...looks fabulous. I'm a work at home consultant, so it's perfect for my client billing needs.” Toby Sheppard Bloch

“A very clever program: elegant, useful, and easy to become habituated to.” Bryan Alexander

So far, this is FAR exceeding every other app I have tried. I studied management with the guru Peter Drucker. He taught us that there is NOTHING more important in an executive's life than knowing where his time goes. ("Know first where your time really is going; otherwise everything that comes after is self indulgent nonsense.") The graphical features of OfficeTime depict the use of one's time with hard-hitting reality. Ouch! And congrats!” Bruce Alan Johnson

“Very simple and convenient.” Phoebe Lam

“We use OfficeTime primarily as an internal workflow tool, to delineate our engineering staff's time among planned development time, bug fixing, and off-plan development (eg, when other departments "just have to have it now"). OfficeTime let's our engineering staff record all of their time in all of these areas and be specific with the product/project and type of work done. The reporting features of OfficeTime produces reports understandable to other departments. It is an invaluable tool in helping other departments appreciate what is involved in our "black art" with a minimum of added work.

OfficeTime's iCal integration is simply powerful. It allows us to overlay actual time-in on a project that is posted into the 'OfficeTime' iCal calendar with events and planned goal dates on other iCal Calendars. We can then publish iCal calendars that other departments can review in virtually real-time.

OfficeTime's interface is unobtrusive. It let's us to record our work without interfering with it. Nice.” Oman Sloan

“This seems the app we have been looking for!” Lenny, NC

“THANK YOU! I've been searching for a "timesheet" application for use in recording the hours I work with a non-profit, but was having no luck. I wanted something relatively inexpensive, but also easy to use. I had spent hours searching on most of the major sites and after trying all of them, I can away disappointed, ...but I was BLOWN AWAY by OfficeTime.

The thing that I like about my Mac is that stuff works how I do. I don't need to read a manual or remember complex keystrokes to do what I need to do. Most of the products that I tried were very user-unfriendly, but after taking the two minute tour, I was hooked.

Thanks for making my life easier.” Mark Kral

I like it a lot, simple and clean. But ya the best thing about the program is simplicity, I've tested/used a few of those shareware ones and the others offer way too much when all I want to do is start/stop and record time, date, what I did, and round up to 1/4 hour.” Todd Heckeler

“... the developer has been unusually responsive and helpful in responding to bug reports.

One of the features I like (and need) is the ability to easily and clearly track and report reimbursable expenses for each client project (meals, airfare, hotels...).

Another big bonus for me is the ability to synchronize with iCal - so if I keep track of my project hours in iCal, the information shows up in OfficeTime with no retyping. Note that this synchronization is optional, so you don't have to use iCal.” Dave Hawkins on MacUpdate

“I've been through a LOT of different applications - both mac and windows versions - and it's always ended the same way; my utter complete abandonment of the entire concept, and going back to weekly estimates, much to my employers dismay...

Enter OfficeTime.

This application is so brilliantly simple - hotkey to create new project, type name, press play... If required enter a few words to describe the current task, and then just forget about it... When you switch to a different task, just press play on that task (or create it if not already done) and all other timers stop. If you switched a little too late, just add the missing minutes - so simple...

For the first time ever, since the introduction of time-logging, I've been able to account for every single minute I've been at my post.

If you're anything like me, and hate the concept of logging time, and having to account for every little thing you spend your time on at work - this app is for you! - so simple to use, very unobtrusive, yet so powerful it covers my every need!” Kemmy on Versiontracker - Five Stars

Great program.Corinne Carson

Great little application. I've tried a lot of others and this one got my money. They are pretty responsive with technical help, too. Solid 4 stars.” MacUpdate user

“After trying out OfficeTime for a couple of weeks I decided it's just the software I was looking for... I'm a graphic designer in Austria and usually charge projects with a total amount and not by hour but now I use Officetime to keep track of the time I spend on each project - so afterwards I can see if my calculations from the beginning were correct and if there were any additional costs.

I especially like the idea with the link to iCal! Cool to see where I spend my time.” JÜrgen Eixelsberger

“Quite impressed.” David Storrs

“I really like the user interface, and the quick report functionality is fantastic. I like being able to just push a button and give a client a complete rundown of where we are on a project... I also really like being able to switch or start projects from the dock icon.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work.” Stephen Koncelik

“From several options your product seems to be the best. Nice work guys.” Nelson Vilhena

“As a consultant who has to keep track of work on multiple projects this is a wonderful tool. Thanks.” Annamarie Pluhar

“I like the simplicity of the program. It's easy to create projects and entries, and start/stop functionality is as straight-forward as it gets.” D9 (on Macupdate)

Very useful app.Oliver

A great program, well thought user interface, runs stable. Is there when you just want to report some small tasks and don't leave you alone, when it comes to bigger projects. Not feature-overloaded toy but a all-you-really-need tool.

I'm really happy with OfficeTime. It has a lot of features I love, for example always to be able to change anything (Category, Notes) in current AND closed tasks. That's really cool.” Sven Passig

I've checked out 28 different time-tracking applications for Mac OS X and am delighted to find your offering. I love the extensive charting tools.” Bill Burgess

“I have tried a bunch of timing software, and yours is looking like the best combination of features and ease of use so far.” Rebecca Freed