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Graphic Design Firm

I can not imagine how I tracked time before. Actually, I didn't. I had printed out fancy manual time-keeping sheets, that sat empty in a binder and never got filled out...»

– StepUp Communications Inc.

Independent IT Consultant

What really made all the difference was that I wrote Stephen (OfficeTime) with my requests and suggestions, and he wrote back! »

– Alejandro Araujo

Public Relations Firm

I work alone and therefore I have no support staff to prepare this necessary thing called 'billing'...»

– JSO Ltd.

Management Consulting

When my bookkeeper asked me for my own time allocations at the end of the month, it used to be a painful process...»

– Taku Group

Creative IT Consulting Firm

Now we don't have to perform complicated math when invoicing time comes...»

– Flewid Inc.


The steering committee for the consortium, in discussing budgeting for the future, wanted to know how much of my time is dedicated to...»

– Thetford Academy, ThetNet: Technology Systems Administrator

Financial & Management Consulting

Budgeting and tracking should always go hand in hand...»

– Gero L. Sperdin

Consultancy Company

...we can check in a blink of an eye if all hours are accounted for...»

– vincent ossewarde








It Just Works.

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Thousands of individuals and organizations use OfficeTime to sucessfully track their time. Read their stories, in their own words, of how OfficeTime made their lives easier.


StepUp Communications Inc. Graphic Design Firm

I run a small graphic design company, StepUp Communications Inc. in Vancouver, and have been using OfficeTime for almost 2.5 years already. I can not imagine how I tracked time before. Actually, I didn't. I had printed out fancy manual time-keeping sheets, that sat empty in a binder and never got filled out, or the few that got filled out, were never properly used for billing and project estimating. Now I just look up the time spent on each project and analyze it to see where it all went.


My full-time employee uses it. I also have a generic work station here for a freelancer, so any freelancers use it when they come in.

And I have also started using iCal heavily since OfficeTime makes the integration so easy. This way I can see where my day went at a glance, fill in any blanks, track meetings etc.


Also, for a small firm like mine, the price is right. I can't afford expensive or customized time tracking options, and I have not even found a better one than this.


The ease of use is amazing. It hardly needs a manual.


I love that you can go in and correct items later on. I review at the end of the day and make sure I've got all my billable hours recorded.


I don't use the OfficeTime billing system, but I add up project hours in OfficeTime and create a bill in a layout program from that. I don't bill by the hour, I have to usually stick to my project price estimate. But OfficeTime helps me justify any extra fees to clients, it allows me to document everything that was done, and if it wasn't within scope, it becomes a contingency fee. So I would definitely say my billings have increased since I started using OfficeTime. And my time planning and estimating has become much more accurate and efficient.


Thank you for designing a fantastic product that is perfect for creatives.


Sigrid Albert, B.Des., MGDC, Principal
StepUp Communications Inc.
968 East 15th Avenue
Vancouver, BC   V5T 2S3
T 604.682.2577
F 604.682.2597



Alejandro Araujo: Independent IT Consultant

I'll be happy to share my story, since OfficeTime is one of the most useful pieces of software I have ever bought.


I am an independent IT consultant, and at some point, at the beginning of 2006, I found myself in dire need of a good time tracker that could produce invoices.


I searched around and tried a few demos, but none did what I needed. Eventually I came across OfficeTime. It was pretty good. Didn't do quite ALL that I needed, but was enough, and the price was right!


What really made all the difference was that I wrote with my requests and suggestions, and they wrote back! Not only that, but in time they did implement a number of the features I required. Particularly important for me was the ability to track several projects simultaneously, since the nature of my work allows me to do that.


For me it was an unrequested but most welcome feature that OfficeTime was also able to produce invoices on demand very easily, with graphics of the time shares occupied by each project. It certainly made my billing a lot easier.


Another unlooked-for bonus was that since using OfficeTime I have been able to organize my time much more efficiently, easily keeping track of each project even if I interrupt them and resume them later. And also having the software and being able to show how it works has saved me a few arguments with the clients, since they can plainly see that the time invoiced is exactly as recorded.


It has been most satisfactory to see the evolution of OfficeTime into a robust, stable, and feature packed application that not only has improved steadily with each release, but also has maintained its original excellent level of support and aperture to client feedback.


Alejandro Araujo
GB Advisors


JSO Ltd.: Public Relations

I am in the public relations business and my services cover multiple clients. I work alone and therefore I have no support staff to prepare this necessary thing called "billing"!


When I invoice each client, based on an hourly fee, I need explanation of hourly services and places to insert expenses accrued on client behalf. Prior to OfficeTime I had to keep extensive notes and write them all up to attach to my invoices. Now it's there and waiting for me at end of month.


Since I use QuickBooks Pro for the actual invoicing program, I run an invoice using OfficeTime, then print off just pages that have the hourly time notes and expenses and attach that to my QuickBooks invoice.


Jean Oksner JSO Ltd., Phoenix, AZ



Taku Group: Boutique Management Consulting Company

I am the CEO of a boutique management consulting company, Taku Group (; we help growing companies that need assistance with financing, licensing or other strategic partnerships, or M&A (being sold or buying other companies).


We need to track our time - both for client projects that are billed by the hour and for other projects, just to continually improve our estimates. Our ability to do so has improved dramatically since I started using your software.


Previously, when my bookkeeper asked me for my own time allocations at the end of the month, it used to be a painful process of getting the information to her - now, I just set up a new project every time I need it, click a few buttons at the end of the month, and have a report to her, on time! Thanks for creating great, easy to use software.


Karin Hollerbach



Flewid Inc.: Creative IT Consulting Firm

Thanks for this software, frigging great!!!


I own and operate a small Creative IT Consulting firm called Flewid Incorporated. We deal with both local and global businesses, consulting on IT needs ranging from Web Development, Design all the way to Network Setup and VOIP IP PBX provisioning. We currently have 4 contractors who use another time tracking software. We recently stumbled onto OfficeTime, and noticed that it had many of the features that we were lacking in our current time tracking software. We decided to give it a download and test it for the Free 21 Day Trial, we like free stuff. Well, lets just say it blew our socks off.


The ability to have multiple projects, and rounding - phenomenal! Now we don't have to perform complicated math when invoicing time comes. We also like the fact that this software includes detailed reporting, so we can combine hours and verify our job bidding process has allocated the proper times for projects.


Matthew Gibson
Flewid Incorporated
Phone: 613.686.1870 or 888.686.1870
Fax: 866.583.7792



Thetford Academy, ThetNet:
Technology Systems Administrator

As a Technology Systems Administrator, I run all the technology for Thetford Academy, Vermont's Oldest Secondary School (founded 1819). I am employed by a consortium called ThetNet. ThetNet is made up of Thetford Academy (private 7-12), Thetford Elementary School (public k-6) and the Thetford Library Federation (town libraries).


Recently, the steering committee for the consortium, in discussing budgeting for the future, wanted to know how much of my time is dedicated to: the Network, the Academy, the Elementary School and the Libraries. They base cost allocations for network equipment, services and my salary on the number of networked devices at each location. They decided that they want to explore the option of allocating my salary and benefits based on time dedicated to each member of the consortium. This is something that I have never tracked and when asked, I told them that as a true multi-tasker, I thought it would be difficult to even guess how much time is spent on tasks specific to each member.


Imagine my surprise when, after agreeing to look into it, I hit VersionTracker and found your product. I downloaded the demo and thought, "it probably won't work for me but I gotta give it a shot." The software was very easy to set up and begin using. I love the synchronization with iCal and the ease of use. I am now showing that allocating costs by number of machines matches up to how my time is divided. Your software is giving me the evidence to back this up.


Thanks again for a great piece of code!


Glen Page
Technology Systems Administrator



Gero L. Sperdin: Financial & Management Consulting

I'm running a "Financial & Management Consulting" business as an independent consultant. Prior to that I worked many years in the power generation field, designing, implementing and financially packaging power stations all over the world.


I'm well acquainted with what time scheduling of projects involves. My experience is that time scheduling and budgeting is straightforward if compared to the subsequent TRACKING of a project's time and cost. Budgeting and tracking should always go hand in hand.


After having used many different scheduling and tracking systems I was very happy, maybe I should say lucky, to have found OfficeTime (OT) by the end of 1995. It's the ideal tool for my actual business for budgeting and tracking time and cost. Its performance is accurate and efficient and saves me a lot of time.


OfficeTime is flexible, provides for the possibility of breaking down a project into all its tasks (categories) and has an excellent reporting mechanism. Assessment of time and cost accrued is instant at any given moment and very simple. OT handles synchronization with and from iCAL efficiently, another positive element that is simplifying my work.


The almost unlimited possibilities to structuring a project as provided by OfficeTime are essential, which allows me to become more competitive. In other words, subsequent projects that are similar to the first one can get less costly (for the client) and project duration can be shortened as well.


I'm not directly using OfficeTime for invoicing (different in this country) but have adapted the excellent OfficeTime-template to a "TIME TRACKING" module, which I use as justification attached to my bills / financial statements, again a great help and timesaver.


In summary, OfficeTime is outstanding software that has allowed me to significantly improve the services that I'm rendering to my clients, at significantly reduced time and cost for scheduling and tracking.


Keep up with the great individual and prompt service and support that you are providing to your customers.


Kind regards from a very satisfied OfficeTime user,


Gero L. Sperdin
Gero L. Sperdin Financial & Management Consulting
Geneva / Switzerland


Fortytwo: Consultancy Company

We have been using OfficeTime in our company for quite some time! Previously, we all had different styles and flavors of laptops. As a consultancy-company, we are traveling frequently and some of us preferred Windows, some Macs. However, since we all switched to Macs, OfficeTime has been our companion: we share each other's calendars and time data, so at the end of the month billing our clients is a breeze.


Furthermore, we use OfficeTime to keep track of time spent on certain projects, so we can achieve better internal planning.


The iCal-integration is super for two reasons: we can check in a blink of an eye if all hours are accounted for (they are just there in iCal, so you can easily see if your day is entered in OfficeTime). The other reason is that iCal makes it really easy to fill the gaps: as soon as days or hours are missing, it can easily be collected from your calendar what happened on that day.


OfficeTime really helped change the way we look at time accounting: instead of being busy with accounting for the time we spent on projects and achieving a complete and accurate accounting report, we can actually spend our time *working* on projects! OfficeTime keeps track of the time spent and has the intelligence where users need it. We don't want anything else!


Vincent Ossewaarde
Amsterdam, The Netherlands



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